Records Management

Security and Protection for Your Documents

Records are microfilmed and originals destroyed in compliance with the NYS SARA ED-1 Retention Schedule. Those with short term retention are stored and available for retrievals and we provide systematic disposal of obsolete records as well.

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Records Management/Microfilm Department provides timely retrieval of student and financial records to subscribing school districts.

We offer security and protection of all information in microfilm or document form and provide space/storage efficiency to office areas, which eliminates the need to purchase new file cabinets or storage shelves.

Services Provided  

  • Timely Retrieval of student and financial records.
  • Systematic disposal of records according to ED-1 NYS Retention Schedule.
  • On-Site Information Records Workshop.
  • Standard boxes supplied for transfer of records to records center.

Procedure for Requesting Microfilmed Records 
BOCES 2 component school district Guidance and Business Offices may request a copy of student or financial records by contacting the Records Management office at BOCES 2.

Benefits of Records Management  

  • Space savings - Records will be microfilmed, shelved or destroyed according to ED-1 NYS Retention Schedule.  
  • Security and protection of information in microfilm or document form  
  • Cost containment, savings or office space/storage areas, and unnecessary purchase or new filing equipment.  
  • Records Storage.  Short-Term records stored and retrieved. 

Districts Served  

  • BOCES 2  
  • Churchville-Chili Central  
  • Gates Chili Central  
  • Holley Central  
  • Kendall Central  
  • Spencerport Central  
  • Wheatland-Chili Central  

For more information, contact: 

Lisa Soggs, Records Management Coordinator 
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Records Management
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (585) 349-9092
Fax: (585) 349-9090  

Mailing Address:
3625 Buffalo Road
Rochester, NY 14624