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Help and Ideas for Parents and Families

Remote learning continues to be a challenge for all of us. This page hosts many ideas for parents or families who want to explore the possibilities and help their students achieve success. 
Button: Click for Department for Exceptional Children Family Resources
For parents of students in the Department for Exceptional Children: Click on the graphic to find targeted Family Resources. 

For parents of CTE students: Click here for CTE Technology Tips.

Guidance from Mental Health Experts

Parents/Guardians - Know you don’t have to re-create school at home, just provide structure and positive activity. Love your kids. Be their safe place. Read, create, play, sing, and talk together. Resources to use in case of greater need: Download a PDF.  
With many of us moving to working remotely, we may wonder if it is okay to take breaks? If so, how often and how many? We need to take brain breaks to refresh. This is even more true, when working remotely in front of a computer screen. Ten ways to take ten-minute breaks: Download a PDF.

Especially for Families

Great distance learning resources for parents and children working from home.
 Microsoft Family Learning Center: Engage your family for an hour or more with these safe and simple, family-led learning experiences for ages 3 to 12.
Microsoft Student Help Center: We’ve pulled together support that can help spark your creativity and launch your best work yet.
A Curated List of Online Museums and Collectionsincluding virtual field trips, organized by Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Distance Learning specialists. 

Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom is a video-conferencing platform that allows you to engage in live Web conversations using audio, video, and text-based chat features. Tips for Students, Families and Guardians new to using Zoom:
  • No account is needed to participate in a Zoom Meeting. Just click on your meeting invitation link and enter your First name and Last Initial. 
  • For the latest news about Zoom, please see their blog: 
  • Need help? Short video on How to Join a Zoom Meeting:
  • Visit the Zoom Learning Center for quick how-to videos and register for live training (All FREE):