Apps Purchase Rationale Form

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Apps Purchase Rationale Form
Please fill out this form as completely as possible in order to show the rationale for purchasing (free or paid) apps to use in your classroom. For questions, please contact your department director.

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Name and cost of App? Is there an alternative free app that you have tested or can test?
URL of app? You can get this from iTunes or the Volume Purchase Store.
Please give a brief description of the app. This can be copied from the store or you can write a description.
In what content area will you use this app?
How do you plan to use it in the classroom? Please explain.
What NYS standard(s) will this app help you address? You can copy and paste the standard(s) from this site:
Do you know other teachers who have used this app in their classroom? If yes, how did they use it? Please explain. If not, what evidence have you used to determine its worth (i.e. reviews on iTunes, teacher websites, blogs)?

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