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Success is in the cards

Several players deep into their games

Last November, students in the BOCES 2 Transition Program at Roberts Wesleyan University decided to plan a special event for peers who participate in the many different transition programs offered through Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Department for Exceptional Children. They resolved to hold a tournament, featuring a favorite card game called Trash.

Students quickly discovered that hosting an event the size of the Transition Trash Tournament would require a lot of thought and complex preparations. Fortunately, this team of 11 enthusiastic event planners was ready for the challenge!

The Tournament, held on Feb. 9 at the Golisano Community Engagement Center, was attended by more than 50 competitive student card players and dozens of staff members from other BOCES 2 Transition classes. As the groups arrived from the Paul Road, Village Plaza, Project SEARCH and BELL locations, they were greeted by the Roberts students. Guests had time to touch base with old friends and meet new ones before they were directed to their seats. Four cheerful student emcees presented slides explaining the plans for the day. Game tables had been set up ahead of time, so players just needed to sit down and begin playing. Their hosts moved smoothly around the game tables, answering questions, helping players keep score and assisting with card shuffling.

Attendees were also offered several on-campus lunch options to help break up the day and provide more opportunities to socialize with friends.

Roberts students were guided through the months-long planning process by Roberts/BELL Transition teacher Amanda Cupido, with help from Student Behavioral Assistant Lisa Palumbo. Transition School Psychologist Danielle Brown said, “The Roberts student event planners had to consider a multitude of variables. These included determining accessibility requirements and how big a room to reserve; the number of tables and chairs needed; preparing and sending invitations; formalizing directions and rules of play; creating signs and visual supports; organizing score cards; and defining winners and prizes. They discussed every aspect of how they could make their guests comfortable and ensure they had fun.”

If event planning success is determined by great organization, smooth operations and lots of fun had by attendees, then the Roberts Transition team aced their assignment – great job everyone!

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