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New Culinary Continuing Education classes offered
The Center for Workforce Development is offering five new culinary continuing education classes taught by Chef Jeffory “Cheffory” McLean. McLean is the lead culinary instructor for CWD.
Classes are for adults and children ages 12 and older. Culinary classes are  held at the Career and Technical Education Center at 3589 Big Ridge Road, Spencerport. All CDC guidelines for social distancing and mask wearing will be in place. Class size is limited.
Contact CWD at 349-9100 or [email protected] or visit our Registration Site to sign up for a culinary class today. The five new classes are offered December through February, each is $45 per person. Learn more at the Center for Workforce Development at 
  • Sushi Rolling Workshop ($45/person)  Sushi Rollin' poster
Procure the Freshest Ingredients. Cook the Perfect rice. Learn an Ancient technique. Create an Amazing meal! Join Chef Jeffory "Cheffory" McLean for a fully immersive kitchen experience. Learn the history of sushi and perfect your Maki rolling skills. Enjoy Cooked, Raw and Vegetable Maki Rolls.
Menu: Various Custom Maki Rolls

  • The Saute Station ($45/person) Saute Station poster
Learn the perfect technique and Master one of the most popular and versatile cooking methods in a fully interactive culinary workshop. You choose your protein, your vegetable, and your starch. Create a perfect pan sauce as an accompaniment, then enjoy your delicious creation.
Menu: Custom created Saute Dishes

  • Bread Baking 101 ($45/person)  Bread Baking 101 poster
Explore the science behind the "Staff of Life" in a fully immersive workshop led by Chef Jeffory "Cheffory" McLean. Learn what happy accident occurred to create bread. Create a loaf from scratch while you discover how two simple ingredients participate in a magical dance to create the World's perfect food.
Menu: 20 oz. Rustic Homestyle Loaf 

  • Pasta-Palooza ($45/person)  Pasta Palooza poster
It's as simple as flour and water. Two common ingredients that you have at home right now! Mixed together in the perfect ratio and you end up with hand-made pasta. Learn the history of Pasta in this fully immersive class. Make your own pasta dough, a quick sauce, and the perfect meatball! All under the watchful eye of a Chef Instructor.
Menu: Various Pastas, Marinara Sauce, Alfredo Sauce, The Perfect Meatball

  • Whole Food Plant Based Cooking ($45/person) Plant-based Cooking poster
The health benefits of eating a diet high in plant-based nutrition are undisputed. Learn the techniques to enjoy wonderful Whole Food Plant Based meals. Explore the produce aisle and get hands-on to create a selection of WFPB dishes!

Plus, Gift Certificates for any CWD class!
You may also purchase a gift certificate to be used towards any CWD Continuing Education Class. Classes are offered in auto body, woodworking, culinary, home remodeling, and small engine repair to name just a few of the courses. Contact CWD at 349-9100 to purchase a gift certificate, $25 is the minimum, for use towards any CWD Continuing Education Class. We think it will make a great gift.
Image of Gift Certificate
Attachments Available To Download:
Sushi Rollin' Class Poster with Information - PNG
Saute Station Class Poster with Information - PNG
Pasta Palooza Class Poster with Information - PNG
Bread Baking 101 Class Poster with Information - PNG
Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Class Poster with Information - PNG