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Building lives, a button at a time
Student sitting at a desk, focused on sewing a button on cloth
There are many life skills that are essential for young adults preparing to strike out on their own. One talent that is often overlooked, but very practical, is basic sewing. Students in Kim Stephenson’s (Lobdell) 6:1:2 class at Westview in the Department for Exceptional Children are learning how to replace a missing button, mend a tear, and perhaps, discover sewing as a creative craft.

“We are currently learning how to sew three different kinds of buttons,” said Stephenson, “just in case we ever need to fix a shirt. Along the way, we are working on patience, hand-eye coordination and using tools to help making threading a needle easier. As students advance, we’ll learn to make patches, mend holes and then get artistic with handmade pillows.” 
“There’s a great deal of pride in learning to do things on your own,” she said. “As their skills increase, their confidence grows, too. My students are recognizing that they are incredibly capable young people.”