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BOCES 4 Science update
Students testing principles in the unit
BOCES 4 Science has been busy finalizing their final units of instruction. The next unit to be released is Invisible Forces, written by BOCES 4 Science teacher Antonietta Quinn. This unit is designed for Grade 3 students and builds off previous learning about forces. Students are given an opportunity to explore the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of an object, and how data collected about an object’s motion can predict future motion. An anchoring phenomenon throughout the unit is the Rube Goldberg machine; a complicated machine that performs a simple job. After learning about these machines, students create their own Rube Goldberg machines. (These pictures of students testing these activities were taken in Nov. 2019)
BOCES 4 Science teachers continue to finish online and alternative setting resources designed to help district teachers engage students in hands-on science, regardless of what setting students are working in (at home, in school or hybrid). These resources include materials management, additional slide decks and other helpful tips.
BOCES 4 Science strives to provide support for teachers during these unprecedented times. This department provides NYSSLS-aligned, inquiry-based, hands-on experiences that engage students through active learning.